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The College for Creative Studies (CCS) has a unique class offered called “Consciousness, Creativity and Bliss”. As part of this class, students are taught the Transcendental Meditation technique (TM) as a tool to help them cope with stress. “I was just so filled with this desire to take real academic rigor with real deep rest and bring that together,” says Molly Beauregard, course leader and faculty member at CCS. This video documents the experiences of the students, a few weeks into the course.

“The minute you walk in the door you’re jumping on a moving train. Students quickly learn that if they’re going to get the work done they need to they typically are not going to sleep.” – Kevin Kline, Transportation Design Student

“When I came out of my first meditation I knew right away that it was going to be something that I would carry with me for the rest of my life.” – Chelsea Richer, Film Student

“I started noticing in the first week that ideas started flowing again. Things were coming naturally. I didn’t have to force ideas they were just sort of flowing in.” – Esther Rubyan, Photography Student

“the main thing about [TM] that I liked was that it was going to provide students with a way to become more resourceful and reliant on themselves in how to deal with stress, or difficult situations that are going on in their life, on their own… and if we could figure out a way to teach our students that while they’re here at CCS… I just thought that would be an amazing thing.” – Michael Coleman, Director of Student Life

From our friends at http://tuningthestudentmind.com/ — “Self betterment and social activism have never looked so good! Join Tuning the Student Mind as we revolutionize thought and action through mindful changes to the individual and to society at large!”