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Singer Adrien Daller and producer Philip Rabalais met last year and discovered a mutual love of lady-pop dance music. After many excited, late night talk-offs (usually in the corner of some party) they started the band Trouble Lights. One year later they are proud to present their first single “Safe With Me” and – with the help of director and fellow DLFTV team member Geoff Boothby, zero dollars, a crack team of their friends, and as much ingenuity and creativity as they could muster – a video to accompany it.

Downloaded Safe With Me for free on Sound Cloud

Song Credits:
Written by Adrien Daller and Philip Rabalais
Vocals by Adrien Daller
Produced by Philip Rabalais
Additional Engineering by Aaron Shier

Video Credits:
Writing, Direction, Camera, Editing, VFX: Geoff Boothby
Costume Design: Hilary Nelson
Additional VFX: Ace Boothby
Additional Crew: Isaac Winkler, Ace Boothby

Featuring (in order of appearance):
Adrien Daller
Philip Rabalais
Chloe Hennesy
Zef Hennesy
Jason Hennesy
Melissa Gurney
Andrew Perry
Geoff Boothby
John Humphreys

Filmed on location in Fairfield, Iowa and the Carnegie Historical Museum