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Dana Farley is a 19-year-old filmmaker that is currently going to
school at Bucknellin Lewisburg, PA. She grew up in Long Island.

During the pregnancy carrying Dana, her mother Karen found out that she had Stage 4 Hodgkin’s and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Karen put off her cancer treatment and went ahead with having the baby. Not speaking as a young child, Dana faced severe Dyslexia and had to be placed in Special Education. Karen battled cancer during Dana’s childhood, but survived, a very rare thing for someone with what is considered terminal illness. In the classroom, Dana endured a great amount of stress — the stigma of “feeling stupid,” being ashamed of abuse and kid’s making fun of her for having a sick Mom. As a teen, Dana still struggled to catch up. To relieve stress, she got interested in sports and joined the school’s rowing team. Still not enough.

As senior year in high school approached and dreaded SAT’s to prepare for, in 2007, she attended a seminar on Transcendental Meditation by David Lynch.

As an aspiring filmmaker, she wanted to meet Lynch, and found out more about TM. She was inspired, Subsequently, her mother felt TM training was a good fit for Dana. Dana met filmmakers Kevin Sean Michaels and Alexia Anastasio, who both enouraged her to embark on a documentary about her upcoming training sessions and the impact afterward.

She has now been practicing the technique for two and a half years.

The result is a feature-length movie about her journey — “BEYOND THE NOISE: MY TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION JOURNEY.” In the movie, the camera follows Dana through learning the technique and the profound impact on her life and features exclusive interviews with David Lynch, Bobby Roth and Moby. She also turns the camera on herself, in a candid confessional manner.

In July 2010, Dana traveled to Los Angeles to catch up with Lynch and discuss with him how she has been doing with the TM technique. The footage of this meeting, which was very enlightening for Dana, became the final scene of the documentary.

The movie will be premiering early 2011 at film festivals and special screenings.

In this blog for DLF.TV, Dana talks about how Transcendental Meditation gets her to the finish line at her chosen sport—rowing—winning strenuous regattas.