DLF.TV Debut

Path Lights

Director's Note

Path Lights, based on Tom Drury's New Yorker short story, was shot over 4 1/2 days in mid-May 2009 (with several months of pre-production and post production on either end). We were thrilled to have the good folks at DLF.TV on set with us for two of those days to bring you a behind the scenes look at what went into the production phase of this short film and the creative collaboration of those involved. The film itself was available exclusively on DLF.TV for one week in December and now it has made its way to film festivals for 2010.
-Zachary Sluser

Bobby (John Hawkes) is the voice of pulpy detective serials on audio, as well as the automated answering service of a tree cutting company. One day, when walking his dogs in the Pasadena arroyo, a bottle falls from the sky, almost hitting him. Bobby decides, based on the obscure brand of beer, to trace down the culprit. Path Lights is a thought provoking, comedy-noir that puts a human spin on the tradition of detective hero films. The film is based on Tom Drury's New Yorker short story and has been adapted for the screen by Tom Drury and director Zachary Sluser.

Questions about the film should be directed to pathlightsfilm@gmail.com.
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Official Selection

Path Lights has just been announced as an official selection of the 39th International Film Festival Rotterdam and as an official selection of the 32nd Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. Rotterdam is one of the top film festivals in Europe and Clermont-Ferrand is the premiere short film festival in the world (5100 international shorts submitted, 77 were chosen, 8 from the states and Path Lights was one of those).


John Hawkes
as Bobby
Robin Weigert
as Ingrid
Xander Berkeley
as Father
Sarah Utterback
as Marianna
Brian McGuire
as Terry Finn
as Mr. King


  • Directed by Zachary Sluser
  • Screenplay by Zachary Sluser & Tom Drury. Based on the Short Story by Tom Drury
  • Produced by Jonathan Lynch, Matthew Goldberg, Brian Morrow, Zachary Sluser
  • Director of Photography Jonathon Narducci
  • Edited by Otto Arsenault
  • Original Score by Robb Williamson
  • Sound Design by Zach Seivers and J.M. Davey
  • Casting by Geoffrey Miclat
  • Costume Design by Emma Potter
  • Production Design by Patrick McKenzie
  • Art Director Sophia Rubio