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Russell Simmons meditated with 150 students at the Ideal Academy Public Charter School (K-12) in the heart of downtown Washington, D.C. Russell describes that he experienced silence—not just an absence of outer noise—but a deep inner silence that awakens the brain, fuels creativity, solves problems, awakens self-confidence, removes stress, and promotes health.

Russell believes that the experience of silence is the birthright of every human being. But more than that, it is an absolute necessity to survive—much less succeed—in todays insane world. Yet so few of people ever achieve it—particularly young people.

Dr. George Doc Rutherford is principal of Ideal Academy Public Charter School in Washington, DC, where Quiet Time has been in place for several years, and has transformed the school. Doc is doing great things for his students.

Doc says he has tried every government program to improve academic performance for over 40 years—and nothing as worked as well as Quiet Time.

Quiet Time is such a simple, effective program. The kids love it. The teachers love it. The parents love it. So why isnt it in every school? It should be. That is why Russell supports the David Lynch Foundation—and you should, too!

See Russell’s blog about his visit to the Ideal Academy: